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    first .. my project is (( Localization system )) do determine an unknown location for point that is surrounded by 4 Xbee modules .. the unknown point in middle of the 4 xbee modules will send a message "request" to all 4 Xbee modules and they should replay with the RSSI value and their own coordinates (( that we already give it to each one of them by the GPS ))

    so by this two informations : 1- RSSI value of each module from the 4 modules
    2-the coordinates (x,y,z) of each module
    after getting this two information i will be able to figure out the coordinates for the one in the middle

    my question is : what is the arduino code ??
    what is the configuration for each xbee module to make a mesh network calculating RSSI value ??

    thank you so much .. and i hope that am not annoying u

    all my love and respect :)

    any help will be appreciated

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