A Syrian lawyer appeals to Lionel Messi of sympathy for for the Syrian people

الموضوع في 'أخر أخبار سوريا' بواسطة سوريا اليوم, بتاريخ ‏4 ابريل 2013.

  1. سوريا اليوم

    سوريا اليوم مراسل صقور الأبداع من سوريا

    My friend Messi:​

    Most of the Arab peoples love you and considers you the first player in the world throughout history ..But please take care pain of the Syrian people, especially children and women and inflict on murder and torture .. ​

    And remember your son Tiago when remind the children of Syria ..​

    I appeal to send a message to the whole world to save the Syrian people .. ​

    God protect you and care you and your family and you all love​

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