Third party: We need different mentality

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    I am emphasizing my title for a specific reason; I will go through it in my narrative.​

    What is wrong with the people of my country today; what do they want exactly? Well, I understand that the beginning of the uprising was peaceful, was to oust Syria’s dictator; but as expected he cracked down on his own people; he created a ruthless sectarian civil war. We all know that this dictator’s party and his principles is to sell to the world that he is fighting terrorists. This stubborn dictator’s regime with his vicious crackdown on people draws the whole country to a vague future; which doesn’t sound good in whatever scenario it ends up with now.​

    I wanted to believe in a man who will lead us for a real democracy; I believed that this modern ophthalmologist doctor would lead to the real reforms to change the country toward a better future. But I never felt such disappointment and disconnection from my country as I felt during his time; it sounds like all these old communist regimes should disappear forever; they are all based on oppression, suppression and selling a huge propaganda to their own people that they are the last protectors of human dignity against all the foreign ideologies and are the protector of all minorities. But all these masks had fallen off now; he showed himself as a pure dictator that ruled this country as a farm for himself and his family only; and all what he claimed was only to show muscles to his own people in order to keep them poor and under his mercy to facilitate controling them.​

    Let me go back now, to my question; Yes, people wanted a change; but now it is serious to ask ourselves the same question again; what kind of change do we want? There has been a lot of atrocities committed by the rebels” Free Syrian fighters”; besides a new born terrifying group has emerged in these terrible circumstances” AL-Nusra front fighters “ which are related to AL-Qaeda fighters; which is so different from the nature of our people. But now after two years of fighting, they are getting stronger and are real actors on the ground now, which terrify all the western countries also; that is the main reason why all the foreign support to the rebels drop to non-lethal weapons only. This is in itself has made rebels weaker and prolonged the lifetime of this regime which means more killing and destruction.​

    Now, it sounds like the rebels forgot the real reason the uprising had started for; which is real democracy and real reforms; now they aren’t fighting for same cause they started with, they are fighting only to get rid of this current regime no matter what casualties happened during this process. Normal people and innocent people are stuck in the middle between a government that kills them and rebels, which don’t care about them. This is not the revolution we want; no one on the side of the third party; which is the most important party in my opinion, which are the normal people who wants to live in a stable country, the real husbands, wives and the real builders. Both sides are crushing them; no one listens to them anymore; this is what makes me uncomfortable about the outcome of this revolution. Let me ask everyone of you this question? Assad has fallen, what is next? Who is preparing us for the future? Who has a plan to work ourselves out of these terrible circumstances? Well, let me answer for you, NO one knows; you only hear let’s take him out first and then we will think about the future; whoever comes after him will be better than him; and this is exactly the wrong answer; nothing comes out of nothing. My country future is vague now; since the beginning of this uprising; you hear two parties only. Are you with” pro-Assad” or against “anti-Assad”; and each party is killing the other and killing innocent people while perusing their target.​

    How about a third party again; life is full of choices that what makes it interesting. No one is speaking about a third party because the rebels and who ever support them with money and guns have their own agenda. Sure, the Assad regime will fight for his life and the sake of his family till the end. So the rebels want to take over the government using the same method that the regime is using; I mean killing their own countrymen on sectarian basis. Who is going to win in this case? “There is nothing worse than a war based on sectarian basis; it is the farthest from real democracy”. The democracy of eliminating others. Basically we will change one dictator with another.​

    Again; what we need is a third party; the reasonable and accountable choice; we need people that don’t believe in violence, we need moderation. A real democracy mean that everybody accept each other believe even if you don’t like it; to set rules that control society away form religion; sectarianism or any other historic believe. The best democracy is the one that respects all minorities whatever there believes are. Exactly, if you want to build something, you give it a lot of thinking, organizing, working and dedication in the beginning and work your way through as it progress forward. But all you hear now is let us getting rid of Assad and then we will discuss it. Well, again this is wrong answer. We need to hear about a third party. We need to hear about different mentality.​


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